See the Mystery and Romance.....

— Belle —

                even though her eyes seem to lead us to

        {   h e l l }

                       She may be more P U R E than the words can  tell 

          —    But when she dances feelings come  no man can quell    

Beneath her rainbow coloured dress there burns the
                          { w e l l } 

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"Ya know it’s nice ta have some company back here. The servers normally don’t stick around…" Tiana mused, cleaning up the area and filling up some glasses of ale for the incoming customers.

"I can’t imagine why" she said with a slight frown, shooting the other woman  smile. "You’re a delight. They’d be lucky to spend some time with you….on or off of work."

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"Esmeralda," Asena repeated slowly, testing the name on her tongue. "That is a beautiful name,"

Moving from Clopin she took a hesitant step towards the woman, a small smile on her lips. “Thank you” she squeaked. 


He shook his head. “No, these people are more important. Start from the youngest and bring them here please” he requested. The wound on his side was still bleeding and causing him pain. Finally, he took his shirt off and tied it around his body as a makeshift bandage. He looked around and sighed softly. There was a lot of people and too little supplies. Right now, they were priority

She remained silent at his request, but nodded, knowing he was saying the smarter thing. One by one she brought the youngest of the troupe to him, watching with gentle eyes as he helped each and every one of them. It was as he took his shirt off that she frowned, making sure to keep her eyes trained onto his face. He shouldn’t of had to do such a thing. Returning to his side she crossed her arms, a stubborn expression on her face. “You need to rest” she ordered, her tone strict but quiet at the same time.

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        ▓♕She crossed her arms and gave a heavy sigh, knowing that she should not being doing this, but the personal reasons were convincing enough to go against the child’s decision. The mother shook her head as Elsa gave a small smile.

              “Well since I am the adult here as well as Queen you have to listen to me. Grab your blanket and let us go to the carriage. Elsa, make sure goes with us.” The mother turned to head off as Elsa offered a hand up.♕▓

A stubborn frown twisted her usually gentle features, bringing the blanket back to her chest. She didn’t trust adults or royalty, and so the older woman caused her to want to stay in the cold even more. 

But as Elsa held out her hand she pouted, silently taking it to get to her feet. If she was going with them, she wouldn’t speak to either of them until she found a way out.

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She laughed softly, a smile on her lips. “What was that for Adriana?” 

"That’s it!" She pushed her hair back and walked straight towards the guards before they would cause anymore damage than they were. The family cried in devastation when their home was intruded.

"Adriana!" she hissed, panic filling her body quickly for her friend as she chased after the brunette. The cries of the villagers were heartbreaking to hear, but her instincts were telling her to focus solely on Adriana. With her powers, she could be brandished a witch within seconds.

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"It’s beautiful," he said, smiling as he looked around more. It really did look colorful and happy. "Celebrating so much must be a lot of work, though. To put up the decorations all the time and then take them down. It looks worth it though."


He did wonder for a little while why she sounded so uncertain, but he didn’t really want to mention it since she already changed the subject and he was a complete stranger. “Oh, I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t think I caught your name.”

"Thank you" she said brightly, her face lighting up. Very few considered how much work was put into setting up such festivities, and it was a pleasant surprise to be so appreciated. 

"Oh, how rude of me" she laughed, a gentle smile crossing her lips. "My name is Esmeralda."

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"Oh please call me Lou, like I said, that’s what my friends do." He grinned more. "And what may I call you?"

"Esmeralda" she responded with a gentle smile. To be considered the man’s friend so quickly was certain enough to take her by surprise, but she couldn’t help but smile. 



–– 木蘭 ;;    "I’m glad I ran into you,” Mulan commented sincerely. Being in a completely new country that she was unfamiliar with was definitely a bit startling, so having somebody closeby who knew the area was more reassuring. She’d have to be sure to truly thank Esmeralda for all of this later on.

A faint smile tugged at the young woman’s words, flattered. Not many would be pleased to see her, though the visitor clearly didn’t know the same as most of Paris. “Let’s find you a good place to stay” was all she said in response, though a certain kindness had made it’s way into her voice as she led the way back down into the tunnels.

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For Adachi, the girl dancing away was more fascinating than the goat. He’s seen goats before, nothing new. Unless it could speak or dance like the girl, he didn’t see the big deal.

The gray eyes flicked over to hers when he dropped the money into the hat. He noticed that there wasn’t a lot of money in there. Maybe people just didn’t carry change with them.

Adachi nodded his head in response to the thanking.


     ”It was my pleasure.
        I haven’t seen anyone dance like you before.”

"You haven’t?" she asked, struggling to keep the teasing tone from her voice as she shot him a playful smile. "Well, what an honour it is to be your first in a city full of performers."

Of course, none of them had the credibility that she had created for herself. After years of dancing, she was truly one of the best in Paris, tied with Clopin. Though she would never acknowledge such a thing.