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A smile broke over her face, accompanied by a giggle. “He’s an awfully cute little guy.”

"He is, isn’t he?" she asked fondly, laughing as Djali bleated even louder, the happiness radiating from the little animal.

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"I am famished," she admitted, putting a hand over her stomach. It had been a while since she fed… "Well we shall go there then! Lead the way, my dear," she grinned, and offered her arm to the other woman.

Esmeralda’s eyes lit up happily, her hand moving to link around the other woman’s with a smile. She moved quickly to lead the way, arms entwined as she pulled the other woman alone, perfectly content. It had been quite some time since she’d had such a meal in a tavern, and she was looking forward to it.

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Esmeralda’s lips curved into a mischievous smirk as emerald eyes caught sight of the stranger staring at her dancing like the rest of the crowd, and, letting her hips sway from side to side, she winked playfully as passers-by came forward to drop money into the hat guarded by Djali, who sat staring out at the people

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"Innocents, children… it’s all the same to people who’ve become corrupt."


"It ain’t a fun way to think I know, but it’s the truth."

She shook her head quickly, lips pressed together. “I just don’t understand how anyone could view it as such…it’s an impossible notion for me” she admitted, hair bouncing slightly as she shook her head again.

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""You aren’t going to raise this baby alone.""



Her emotions were clouding her mind, making it all too much as he spoke. Her hands moved to tangle deep into her own hair as she pulled at it, lifting it from her shoulders. “But…how can I..” her voice wavered as she kept any tears at bay. She wasn’t the sort to cry, and she wasn’t going to start then. “I have no experience with babies..” she whispered finally, her voice hoarse.


"I will pay your medical expenses if you decide to have it in a hospital, but something tells me that wouldn’t be for you." She seemed like the type of woman who would want to do it in her own home, with friends and family around her. "Nonetheless, I’m glad you have your brother to look after you. I don’t believe you mentioned him… No matter. I will go with you if you’re worrying about telling him."

She shook her head quickly, paling at the thought. She had never truly visited a hospital, and the idea of doing so made her feel quite nauseous. “He’s….not truly my brother” she admitted, her lips pressed into a thin line. “We have no blood relation…but we regard each other as kin….I…don’t know quite how he’ll take it” she paused, thinking of it.


image Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. “Dropped…? Oh!” The woman was referring to the chain. “No, that was meant to be placed there. I don’t have any coins with me at the moment,” she explained, “And your dancing is so lovely…” She offered a smile to the woman.

She blinked in surprise, awe filling her face as the woman continued speaking. “But this looks…so expensive” she said uncertainly, emerald orbs flickering down to stare at the chain. “I couldn’t possibly accept..”


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A wide smile spread on Esmeralda lips as she played with the strand of hair besides the flower, trying to look up at it in her hair. “What kind of flower is this?” she asked with a soft laugh, eyes wide as she looked over at Elsa excitedly.

"Would it? It’d be an honour to have you all here!" Elsa said, her grin widening. "Oh the children would love it, we would all love it. It’d be wonderful."

Although she had hoped to see Paris she was more than willing to wait for Esmeralda to return. 

"An honor?" she echoed, eyebrows raising in surprise. She was certain they’d be thrilled to hear such a thing from a Queen, especially some of the children with the travelers. "And I’m sure all of us would love it" she agreed earnestly, nodding.

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he gave a sigh of relief and turned to head inside. don’t forget why you cam here. you ALWAYS do this. he berated himself. he pulled down his hood as he entered, letting his dreads float freely for a bit. he looked around her tent, various objects catching his eye, whether because they were exotic or shiny or both. “since your living space is a tent, I assume you travel a lot?” he chuckled, walking around and looking everything over.

A smile graced her lips once more at his question, head cocking to the side slightly as she considered the question. “A little” she admitted with a soft laugh. “We live here in Paris…but we tend to put tents up to create appearances…I just tend to bring along some of my favorite items to keep my tent familiar” she explained, fingers running across the colorful material running across the tent that she’d put up.

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A wide smile was spread across the young girls face as she span, the cheers and whistles of the crowds leading her on as she danced to the beat of her peoples music, eyes gleaming with pleasure as the adrenaline rushed through her veins. Despite everything, the city of Paris was one of her favorites, and she shivered slightly as she danced, the shadows of Notre Dame cathedral cast over her as she weaved through the sunlight and the shadows.



–– 木蘭 ;;   “Really? Oh —— thank you very much,” the ravenette nodded. There were few things worse than getting lost in an area you were completely unfamiliar with. Mulan brought a hand up to toss her dark hair behind her shoulder, letting the shoulder-length, silken locks just fall right back where they were in the first place. “I’ll follow right behind you,” the warrior assured, keeping her matching dark eyes upon the calm-voiced woman.

Emerald eyes glowed slightly as she stared at the girl, nodding a little before taking the lead, her steps quiet as she started to move as swiftly as possible to the nearest exit. It was still unclear to her how the girl had managed to find the Court…and it truly worried her how easily she’d managed to almost reach the hideaway.