See the Mystery and Romance.....

— Belle —

                even though her eyes seem to lead us to

        {   h e l l }

                       She may be more P U R E than the words can  tell 

          —    But when she dances feelings come  no man can quell    

Beneath her rainbow coloured dress there burns the
                          { w e l l } 

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Generated Number: 21 Remind them to do something later

"Could you remind me about Clopin later? I am suppose to be making him dinner this evening…" she sighed, rolling her eyes. "He’s hopeless, and I have a day full of things to do."

"Convince me."
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Number Generated: 15 (Pretend to be their date at an event)

"Please? I could pay you…" she trailed off, realising quite how foolish she seemed. But such an event would be filled with men who’d seen her dance, men who would harass her all night. "You would scarcely need to be beside me, I just need the men there to know I am with someone.”

"Convince me."
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Number generated: 19 (Let them borrow a clothing item)

"Please?" she asked for the third time, using her most innocent of smiles, eyes wide. "It looked so beautiful on you the other day I would love to use it one of these days for one of my performances…"

“Convince me.”
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Number generated: 9 (Divulge a secret) 

"You cannot tease me like that!" she exclaimed, her lips pressed into a wide smile. "I will most likely not know of the people you speak of, so where is the harm?"

"Convince me."
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Number generated: 13 (Talk to someone for them) 

The anxiety was clear in the young dancers eyes as she ran a hand through her curls, looking to him for clear help. “All you would have to say is that I’m going to be gone for a weekend” she said, moving to cross her arms over her chest, shaking her head. “Clopin would merely question whether or not I was seeing a man.”

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The streets were alive with music for the second night as Esmeralda sat, a small smile on her lips. The new city they’d found themselves in seemed to of welcomed the travelers with open arms, and in return they had begun their usual festive cheer. She lent back against the wall as she sat on the floor, cross legged and a safe distance away from where the others danced. In the middle of it all stood Clopin, making a fool of himself once more, bottle in his hand and a grin on his lips as he playfully asked another woman to join him in his drunken stupor of a dance. He had become most enthusiastic with the towns welcoming, causing even more of his infectious child-like actions. 

Laughing softly from where she sat in the distance she smiled, watching the man fondly, ready to jump in if he got into too much trouble.

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"What do you think?" Esmeralda asked, a wide smile on her lips as Djali completed his telling the time trick. She’d been training it with him for months. Holding out her hands as if she were presenting him to the world she grinned widely. “You think we could use it in one of our acts?”


"Hmm, maybe a little distraction might help?" Jack offers, grinning from ear to ear. "I might know just what to do, those guards won’t know what hit ‘em!"

Her eyebrows raised, a wide grin spreading to her lips. Annoying or upsetting the guards was certainly something she would be eager to help with. What did you have in mind she asked with a laugh.