He quickly made his way to the hotel, looking around for any signs of danger. The cloak covered up his tomahawk and that was his advantage, not to mention the knife he kept in his boot. He fade it to the hotel and ran up to his room and grabbed a duffle bag. He ran down and tossed the inn owner five gold coins and walked out and headed back to the tunnel

Esmeralda made a quick job of it all, slipping through and cutting the purses off of peoples belts with few people noticing. Of course she targeted the people she knew to be healthier, not wishing to steal from the poor. Soon enough she estimated she had a large amount, moving swiftly to the bakers to buy a stock load of goods, using all the money she’d taken before heading back to the tunnel entrance, balancing multiple bags on her arms as she walked.

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""May I have this dance?" Mugen asked, holding out a hand and smiling warmly. " n__n ""



A soft laugh came from her lips at his offer, eyes wide as she smiled over at him. He hand slipped into his as she nodded eagerly, eyes shining brightly. “Of course you can” she said with another laugh, moving closer to him.

Mugen shrugged. “‘S just something I’ve wanted to do for a while now,” he said, “I’m not gonna lie, Esme, you’re a fantastic person; one of the best I’ve met, if not THE best.” His face was turning red again, and his grin got a little wider.

She nodded at his reasoning. She often had random spurts of mood swings leading to her dancing, so it wasn’t strange to her that he seemed to have as well. His complements were enough to bring a surprised flush to her cheeks, causing her to focus on her feet once more. “You’re…too kind” she said softly, uncertain of how to respond, though a smile played at her lips. “I’m certain that I cannot be the…best person you’ve met…you are rather excellent yourself” she said almost shyly, making sure to avert her gaze from him.


He gently took the blade from her “I’m sure and if you want to you can look away”

She nodded, biting down on her lip as she looked at him. She wasn’t squeamish, but the thought of the dagger made her ill and she looked away, closing her eyes.

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Esmeralda’s eyes were wide as she gazed at the stranger, her gaze moving from his face upwards, eyebrows raised very high. She had a mind full of questions for the stranger, but trying to be polite she opened her mouth to greet him.

"What’s with the hat?"

So much for that idea.

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""Oh, um... Mh-Mheetu and Flitter are my f-friends. Mheetu is a m-mongoose and Flitter i-is a firefly." The mouse paused for a moment in thought, then replied, "I-I like your story Esmeralda. It's d-different from e-everyone else's.... And I-I like th-that...""

"A mongoose?" she asked, a wide smile on her lips. She’d heard of them. "What do they look like? I’ve never seen one before…" She smiled softly, head tilting to the side slightly as she listened to her. "Thank you…I hope it ends on a happier note though…to merely dance for the rest of my days" she shrugged slightly, smiling. "Perhaps you could tell me yours one day, oui?"

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Marketa stowed away her coin purse, nodding in acknowledgement of the woman’s thanks. Her troupe had rarely danced on the streets for stray coins, but it was still something she could empathize with whatever this woman’s situation was. “It’s rather hypnotic, the way you dance,” she said. “Quite different from back home.

"Back home?" she asked curiously, emerald eyes wide as she gazed at the woman. Normally she was skilled at guessing where people came from….but the woman in front of her was harder to tell. "Thank you very much….I have worked hard to learn my own technique with dancing" she admitted with a soft laugh.

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Elsa smiled back then remembered “oh uh i have-own an ice cream shop…you should come visit someday, whenever.” Elsa business partner had always told her to promote her store whenever she can, it can draw in potential customers he said, it will get her out of this shell she’s in he said. he’s so annoying she thought for a second. “if you want? i- i don’t even know if you like ice cream” the dumb blond feels herself starting to ramble.


"Oh, you’re the new owners in town?" she asked with a bright smile, eyes lighting up. "I must say…I’ve never eaten ice cream before" she admitted, a small smile on her lips. It was one of the many delicacies that she couldn’t afford with a street performer wage…but with the girl looking at her so sweetly she couldn’t help but be tempted. "How much is it?" she asked slowly, hoping she didn’t sound too cheap to the blonde.


He shrugged as she told him her sorrows for his past. “Thank you but it’s in the past. Nothing we can do about it. And yes, I’ll be fine. Just get back to your people. If you get here before me, leave a rock right here” he instructed pointing to the ground. “I’ll do the same if I’m back early but I’ll wait for you.” He pulled a hood over his head and began walking to the hotel where his belongings were located

"I suppose so.." she said gently, nodding. It was in the past…but it didn’t mean that it couldn’t still hurt him. It would hurt her. "Alright" she said gently, nodding at his logic before turning in the opposite direction, heart racing. With little time it meant she would have to turn to worse means than her usual dancing, and she licked her lips, moving into the square where a crowd were watching a performer of sorts.

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"So there’s no place I can go to dance ballet here?" She asked, giving the other a glare upon hearing her laughter. 

She licked her lower lip slowly, suddenly feeling bad for laughing. “I’m afraid not” she said with a slight shrug of her shoulders. “Most people merely practise what they know in their homes and develop it on their own”

"How long have you been doing ballet?"