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""Hey Esmeralda.""



Esmeralda’s eyes went wide as she looked to the stranger, a slight frown on her face. Her performance had ended a few moments before…and she had been sorting through the masses of the audience trying to speak to her, her patience growing thin. 

"Can I help you with something?" she asked, eyebrows raising as she sighed. 

"Yes, I guess so if you call it that way," Jackie shrugged. He was starting to hate all kinds of magic now.

"How long will it last?" she asked softly, eyes wide as she moved closer to him. It was eerie…to think of the poor man in another body…whomever the body truly belonged to.

lostprincess-blondie whispered:

""Do you love me?" (//Hope you feel better soon baba xx)"




"L-love!" Esmeralda couldn’t help but splutter out the word, her eyes wide as she looked at the woman. Love was a strong emotion…something she’d told all but three people she truly loved. "I…ah…love is a little the moment" she muttered, looking down to the floor.

Rapunzel closed her eyes, just relaxing into her girlfriend, taking in the moment. As she agreed to take her, Rapunzel lit up. “Really?” She moved to stand in front of the girl, holding both of her hands. “You really mean it? You’ll really take me?” She practically jumped into Esmeralda’s arms. “Thank you! I’ve not left my kingdom since I was free from the tower!” 

"I’ll take you wherever you wish to go" she promised once more,  smile curving her lips. Pressing a light kiss to the girls lips she laughed softly. "Perhaps Paris one day…..though Rome is rather beautiful…."

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"Don’t worry—heights don’t scare me," he joked, leaning on his staff with that cheeky grin lingering. "And I’m not all that worried about people seeing me, either. If there’s a bellringer up there, I bet I can find him."

She raised her eyebrows slightly, nodding in understanding. Though why he seemed to amused she didn’t quite understand. “Well, if you do find him you must tell me…I would love to hear whether he is truly alright up there in the cathedral.”


Dorinda nodded with a smile. “I completely understand. I have people in my life like Clopin as well, so I can relate to that type of relationship.” She said aloud. “When did you start dancing?” She asked politely.

She smiled softly, received that the other woman understood what she’d meant. Most never did, and she would have to explain what Clopin meant to er fully. “Ever since I was little really” she admitted with a laugh. “Clopin taught me from the moment he found me, and I’ve been dancing ever since”

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The streets were pitch black as Esmeralda looked around, grabbing her skirt so she could run easier. Where-ever she was, the new place was enormous, and also she had met no one yet, she could not help but smile. She was away from Paris. Not much could bring down her mood at that moment. Laughing softly she span herself around, a large smile on her lips as she danced alone in the moonlight, the cloak around her petite frame falling as she twirled around in the darkness, her laughter echoing in the silent streets

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"The city is beautiful at this time" Esmeralda breathed, her eyes focused mainly on the sunset, and not on the stranger who’d moved closer to her outside of the cathedral. Turning sound she looked the stranger up and down with a slight smile. "Though I must admit, not many other people tend to be outside at this time…."

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"I knew that," he assured with a wave of his hand but tones and an expression that suggested just the opposite. 


Since the river was no longer being considered the hedgehog seemed to visibly relax and perk at the mention of the bakery. “Food and no water? Sounds like my kind of place~”

She laughed softly, a smile on her lips as she looked over at him. “Of course” she purred, laughing once more.

Laughing once again she nodded, a wide grin on her lips. “It certainly sounds like one you’d enjoy monsieur”

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Calanthe smiled at the girl’s obvious nervousness. She thought it said a lot that these people saw a monarch and thought they were in trouble. Calanthe wished there was more she could do to help them.

"I came to see your troupe, Miss. I’ve heard such wonderful stories about you-all as entertainers." Then as a thought occurred, she quickly added, "If, that is, I’m not intruding. I wouldn’t want to put you in a rush or bind. But," She reached into her handbag and withdrew a cloth bag jingling with coins, "I can pay handsomely."

Her eyes widened slightly at the Queen’s words, her nervousness put at ease slightly by her calm voice. A calm voice meant there wasn’t any trouble within the troupe.

"Really?" she asked with surprise, lips parting as she tried to remain composed. "We would be honoured to!" she exclaimed, a smile curving her lips upwards. "Money or not...though..” she trailed off, a fond smile on her lips as she noticed Clopin’s entire body raise sightly to look over at them. 

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"Who’s there?" Esmeralda’s voice called out sharply, her eyes narrowed as she tried to find a face within the shadowed street. The metal of her knife felt chilling against her leg, but she felt safer knowing it was hidden under her skirt. 

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Crystal liked Paris. She liked it quite a lot. And since she would be back in the area in a week or two to bring a blizzard, she had decided to drop in for an impromptu flurry. As the little white flakes began to fall, one of her smiles reserved only for the snow came around her lips and she sank against a wall on a side street to sit for awhile. Just then a girl and what appeared to be a goat happened upon her and Crystal stood immediately, on her guard, “Who are you?” she questioned, perhaps overreacting a bit.


Her lips pursed in distaste as she spotted the woman, eyes narrowing slightly. She was no guard, that much was clear, but the girls tone was enough for her to frown over at the girl. “No one” she said, a little too defensively. “Who are you?”