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    —  ”…” Lilith was silent for a moment, debating on what to say to the woman in front of her. Her expression never faltered from the blank or bored one she always had upon her face, which came mainly out of irritation. “I would like to compliment you on your dancing,” was the final product that came from her thinking.


She blinked, surprised at the woman’s words. A smile graced her features, and she couldn’t help but nod slightly, feeling flattered. “Well, it’s always lovely to hear that people enjoy my performances”


ships in which someone speaks English as a second language (◡‿◡✿)

ships where that someone slips into foreign swearing when upset (◕‿◕✿)

ships where that someone moans out foreign endearments when they’re with their lovers (ʘ‿ʘ✿)


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Once he was back on his feet again, Jack released the other’s hand from his grasp and then, with a gentle laugh, ran his hand through his hair to brush snow white strands back into place. “I dare say, if I’m falling over the ice now then there’s little to no hope for me.” The winter spirit had over three hundred years dealing with the ice after all. It seemed that dancing —at least in such cold conditions— was something that just would not come naturally to the guardian. Allowing his hand to fall back to his side, Jack smiled to the woman again as he spoke. “The name’s Jack, by the way.” 


"Oh, don’t say that" Esmeralda exclaimed with a playful laugh, green eyes shining with amusement. "There’s always hope. Besides, those long legs of yours are perfect for dancing!" she grinned at him, nodding her head ever so slightly in approval before she tilted her head to the side, smiling at his name. "Esmeralda. A pleasure to meet you, Jack"

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Do you have to brush your tail?

Can I touch it?

Do you purr? Are you part chat?

*giggles* Can I scratch behind your ears?

"I will be sure to keep that in mind" he would say with a laugh as she spoke of Clopin and he would let his lavender eye focus on her completely as he came to a stand still. He would continue to hold her close to him as if they were dancing but he would be standing still, purring away. She was glad that he felt accepted. Everything about her was beautiful. She had a large and kind heart and he loved listening to her, watching her dance. While she didn’t know it, it was she that reminded him of home most of all.

As her hands moved to touch his chest, his eye would close contentedly, much like a cat, as the purrs coming from him would heighten in pitch a little for a moment which would in turn cause the purr to echo in his throat for a moment. His chest was more muscular than it seemed, years of climbing and training had caused this. Her hands felt so gentle against it, the complete contrast. It was comfortable to say the least.

"Tease you?" he’d let a soft chuckle part his lips as he let a hand cup her cheek gently "Believe me. I speak only the truth, Esmeralda". He would smile fondly at her.

She nodded in approval as she saw he took it in. He seemed to do that all the time when she spoke to him, she could see him taking every word she spoke in, and she didn’t doubt that he remembered every last word she’d spoken to him. Especially when she spoke of Clopin. She could see it most then. 

Lip’s widening further, she listened to the man’s purrs, her eyes flickering from his face down to his chest repeatedly. It was strange; he seemed so muscular and tough, but the purrs coming from him make him seem so soft hearted and sweet. 

She lent into his touch eagerly, her eyelashes fluttering shut. It had been many years since someone had given her so much affection, and she could feel a slight heat rising to her cheeks at the thought. Opening her eyes once again she looked up at him, smiling. “Well, that’s a handy little trait to know about, mon amie” she joked weakly, her smile remaining.

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—— ♞;

Frollo had just finished his usually route to the cathedral. He was alone this time. No guards, no wagons, nothing but he and his horse. To his surprise something had frightened the poor creature and Frollo cried out and fell to the ground. Frollo sneered as he saw his horse race off. He noticed his hat landed on top of a crate and he went to retreive it, murming to himself angrily. This is when he heard slight footsteps near him. “Who wanders there!” He cried out. 


Esmeralda’s lips parted as she let out a soft cry of surprise. She recognised that voice, the one that all gypsies feared. “Frollo” she breathed out, her heart rate racing so much she could feel in her throat. Swallowing thickly, she looked around him. No guards. She hesitated, unsure of whether it was a trap or not.

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When they finally arrived to her tent, her safe place, Hans is on the verge of collapsing. His hair is damp with sweat, as is his skin which is so pale from fighting to stay conscious. He’s green with nausea, the pain bad - it wasn’t as bad as his burns, but still, he’d rather not have to wonder what sort of dirt and infection was settling in home at the wound site when the guards’ tossed him into that filthy water to drown.

When he can, Hans staggers forward and drops to his knees. He tries to throw up but his stomach was beyond empty he can barely manage a trickle of bile, his whole body shaking from the effort of staying awake. “C..I..I think I’m dying..” Hans whimpers. 

He’d faced death before with certainty that he would survive. Stared the gallows down with arrogance in his eyes. But this time? He was having a hard time believing he would survive him. The would wouldn’t kill him, perhaps, but the infection or the fever could. A delirious whine of panic leaves him.

Esmeralda’s lips parted as she tried to speak, but instead she let herself drop to the floor, hands moving to gently touch his back. “Monsiuer, you’re going to be fine” she said in as best a soothing voice she could. 

Of course, she couldn’t tell whether he would be or not. His injuries seemed deadly, but she would do her best to heal him, and bring him whatever he needed until her felt stronger. Glancing to the side she spotted her small makeshift bed of soft fabrics, pillows and sheets to her right. “Lie down there” she advised him, sitting up slightly on her knees. “That way you can rest…just….just don’t close your eyes” she said, her voice gentle as she tried to advise him.

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Do you have to brush your tail?

Can I touch it?

Do you purr? Are you part chat?

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Clopin and Killian’s first meeting had been quite a tense one but after a few conversations shared over a few drinks, the two had become quite respectful of one another. It warmed Killian’s heart to think that he could be trusted by the man. But it also caused him some guilt. It was no lie that many of the Gypsies had their own secrets, ones they could never tell anyone. But Killian’s… it was a secret that threatened the very lives of those around him. And it was only concealed by a small piece of fabric around his right eye.

"I will admit" he would chuckle slightly "I was a little worried that Clopin would not like me very much but he is a very wise man. That I can tell". His movements in their dance had become a little half-hearted and slow as he was focusing more on their conversation than anything else. "It is nice to feel accepted again…" It was a feeling he had almost forgotten in his own world. While his position had been that to help the people of his sister’s kingdom, they had all looked at him with such fear. He had been a damned man walking to them.

Her laugh would pull him from his thoughts and he would move his head as she tilted hers up. His gaze was focusing on her own and he couldn’t help but be captivated by the colour of her eyes once again. The purrs were coming at a faster pace now as his heart beat solidly within his chest. He would smile softly, a hand finally breaking away to brush a strand of hair behind her ear. “Truly a beautiful woman, Esmeralda” he would smile back at her fondly, his lavender eye gleaming.

She smiled gently at Killian’s words, happiness lighting up her entire features “Don’t tell him that mon amie, it’ll go straight to his pretty little head” she revealed with a giggle, her eyes shining up at Killian, her fondness for him lighting up her eyes. “But I’m glad you feel accepted….I know how it can feel to not be….”

She smiled down at his chest, her hand moving to touch it gently, the vibrations causing her to smile once again. It was strangely nice to know that he felt happy around her, and the sounds that emitted from him because of it made her smile more than she had in a very long time.

As she felt his hand brush against her hair she returned to his gaze, eyes wide as she smiled up at him. “Come now, mon amie” she said playfully, her lips curved into a playful grin. “You don’t need to tease me Killian”

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Esmeralda had taken her place under the stage that the gypsy’s had put up, as she did in every town. There was a smile curving her lips upwards as she heard Clopins booming voice sing, until the usual words left his lips. 

"Dance La Esmeralda….dance!" 

In a flash of red smoke she felt herself being lifted upon the stage. A goddess among mortals someone had once taught her, a code in which to dance with, but she’d taken it to heart. 

She began taking delicate steps with her tiny feet, a large, forced smile on her lips as she heard the usual catcalls and wolf whistles from the crowd. She began spinning, faster and faster as the folds of her red dress span, like flames kissing against her legs. Spinning round one last time she jumped into her handstand, turning into a cartwheel as she felt the edges of her dress slide slightly. As she came down she widened her legs, falling into the perfect splits so she could turn to the crowd. They began throwing money onto the stage as she bowed in her position, Clopin jumping round her with his usual bursts of energy as she smiled over at the on-lookers, getting to her feet so she could jump off the stage and out of the way for Clopin’s next song.

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Finding her eyes glued to the performance in front of her, Jennifer’s voice mixed with the crowd around her. It was her first time in Paris, the area around h her rich with the sounds of music and many other things. As the young woman danced, Jennifer found herself swaying slightly to the music, the melodies washing over her and cover her almost like a blanket.

Esmeralda continued dancing, the smile wide on her lips staying there until the music ended once again. She took that moment to catch her breath, a breathless laughter escaping her lips as the crowd began throwing coins at her feet. Pulling her smile wide once again she took a playful bow.